Souleymane Compo

Souleymane Compo is a respected djembéfola, or Master Drummer from Guinea Conakry in West Africa.
Souleymane was born into the musical tradition – his mother performed African ballet throughout the region with the local troupe, and always brought her son to the show. He later travelled to The Gambia, where he continued his training in the traditional arts with Guinean masters, in the famous Fatala Drum and Dance School. Soon afterwards, he began teaching African drumming and dance to students from all over the world. An accomplished dancer, he also became choreographer and lead dancer for the Fatala Ballet.

He moved from Africa to London in 2004. Since then he has been teaching and performing in schools, weekly classes, festivals and private events across the UK. Souleymane is the Artistic Director and driving force behind Wuntanara. He combines warmth and patience with great musical knowledge and skill. He is an inspiring teacher, as well as an accomplished performer.

Mamadou Oury Diallo

Oury was born in Labe in Guinea Conakry and was surrounded by traditional Guinean music and dance throughout his childhood.
In 2001 he moved to The Gambia where he worked as a musician and dancer with several troupes and master drummers. He trained with Master Abdulai Keita and worked as part of the ensemble ‘African Ballet’ from 2001 to 2005, as a drummer, dancer and ‘fire dancer’.
Since moving to England in 2005, Oury has built up a business, running workshops and courses – London African Drumming. He teaches West African music and dance to a diverse range of students; from schools and festivals to the corporate world.  Oury also collaborates with other musicians in this country, delivering workshops, and performing with Wuntanara.
As well as drums and percussion, Oury also plays the balafon – a West African xylophone, the gongomah – a kind of idiophone with four notes, and the celebrated kora.

Abram Diallo

Abram Diallo is an African dancer from Guinea Conakry in West Africa. He began dancing at the age of 7 in Conakry. His first master was Karim Keita – the choreographer of Ballet Fareta, one of the most renowned dance troupes in Guinea. At 18, Abram was promoted to the role of choreographer of Ballet Fareta. At the same time, he began teaching African dance to international students, beginning with students from America and Europe.
Abram moved from Guinea to live in Sweden in 2006. Once settled in Sweden he began teaching African dance classes, and gradually built up 3 classes weekly, teaching over 30 students per week.  During this time he also travelled widely across Europe teaching African dance, having reunited with the European students he had taught whilst still with Ballet Fareta in Conakry. His work took him as far as China and the United States too.
In June 2012 Abram moved to London, where he is now choreographer for London’s premier West African music and dance ensemble – Wuntanara. His goal is continue sharing his knowledge, passion and skill for African dance with students and audiences in the UK.

Other members of Wuntanara West African Music and Dance Ensemble include:

Lamine Cissé

Mamadou Keita

Henri Gaobi

Peter Szokolay