Wuntanara’s African drum and dance workshops are great for kids:

  • They give children and young people the opportunity to experience West African culture first hand
  • Playing and dancing together promotes team working, and helps to build self-confidence
  • Drumming and dance are fun ways to exercise and develop co-ordination
  • Drumming and dance are great ways for children to channel their energy, release tension and improve concentration

We can bring your Black History Month education to life, with vibrant, authentic and engaging West African music, drumming, dance and culture

We take bookings for one-hour, half-day or full day sessions teaching African drumming and/or dance. We also teach courses over several weeks, which can lead up to a live performance for fellow pupils or parents.

All our Wuntanara artists have considerable experience of working with children and young people. DBS checks are available.

‘The children of Primrose Hill have had a ball with Souleymane, expressing themselves through rhythm-work, dance and much improved djembe technique.  I’m really impressed by how far he’s taken them in such a short time.

He is so warm and friendly with the children that other teachers have commented that he should be a permanent member of staff!  We hope he’ll come back and do another wider opportunities project with a different year group very soon..’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tansy Troy, Music Co ordinator, Primrose Hill Primary School.

‘Souleymane Compo has been working with the Year 4 children at St. John’s Primary school for several years. He is a professional musician who has encouraged and motivated many young children. He works closely with the school and soon gets to know the children’s strengths and weaknesses. He makes the learning of African drums enjoyable whilst sharing and teaching African songs and dancing with the children.
Souleymane is enthusiastic about his role and always organises an end of term drumming assembly for the whole school plus parent and carers so that the children can show what they have been learning for that term.’

Wanda Hingle, Year 4 teacher, St John’s Primary School, Ealing

I would wholeheartedly recommend Souleymane Compo to any school wishing to give their children an African Drumming experience. He has a very calm ‘laid back’ style and carefully takes the children through the rhythms step by step. The children in my school absolutely loved the workshop.  It is a good for the children on so many levels; the challenge of mastering the rhythm, not giving up if it seems a little difficult at first, a real sense of togetherness as the rhythm is mastered and played in unison.
The children had a very rich experience, not only learning drumming but an African dance and a song – Yankadi – a song and dance of celebration.
Souleymane also took time to take questions from the children about life in Guinea which everyone found really interesting – the children had so many questions to ask!
Some quotes from the children:
“It was awesome!”     
“It was one of the best days I’ve had in school …..ever!”
“Absolutely brilliant”
“I loved it – Souleymane is so cool”

J. Livingstone  —-ClassTeacher